MSE Events

PhD Dissertation Defense: Linghan Ye
Sept 26, 2016
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MSE Seminar by Dr. Angie Cheung
Sept 30, 2016
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MSE Seminar by Dr. Daniel Potrepka
Oct 7, 2016
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MSE Seminar by Dr. Andreas Roelofs
Oct 14, 2016
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MSE Seminar by Dr. James Warren
Nov 4, 2016
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MSE Seminar by Dr. Zi-Kui Liu
Nov 18, 2016
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John Mangeri’s Award Lands Him in Argonne National Laboratory
John Mangeri, a Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Serge Nakhmanson’s “Complex Materials by Computational Design” group, was selected to receive the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science Graduate Research (DoE SCGSR) award for his project, Computational Design of Functional Materials for Electrothermal Energy Interconversion on Mesoscale.
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MSE Faculty’s Research Explores Materials for Space
Each year, NASA accepts a select number of proposals from Early Career Faculty (ECF) at accredited U.S. Universities to award a generous research grant for three years of funding and the opportunity to further research into space exploration. This year, MSE Pratt & Whitney Assistant Professor Seok-Woo Lee’s proposal, “Development of Small-Volume, High-Precision, and Reliable Cryogenic Linear Actuators by Using Novel Intermetallic Compounds,” was accepted for an ECF award.
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UConn School of Engineering Awards MSE Centennial Term Professorship
Professor Rampi Ramprasad, Materials Science and Engineering, has been chosen for appointment to a Centennial Term Professorship as the School of Engineering continues to celebrate 100 years of research and growth.
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Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative Honored at U.S. White House
Materials Science and Engineering Professor Rampi Ramprasad recently attended the fifth year anniversary event of the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) hosted by the U.S. White House.
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MSE Researchers’ Manuscript is Selected as Editor’s Choice for 2015
A research article “Surface Degradation of Ag/W Circuit Breaker Contacts During Standardized UL Testing” has been selected as an open access Editor’s Choice article for 2015 by the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance.
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MSE Department Head Presents Research at Prestigious Lecture in South Korea
Professor S. Pamir Alpay, UConn MSE Department Head, presented a lecture on “Accelerating Materials Deployment and Manufacturing via Multi-Scale Modeling and Genomics” at the 40 th year celebration of the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) in Daejeon, South Korea August 18.
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Quick Facts

    MSE Among Top 25 of Public Programs

    Degrees Offered
    B.S. (ABET accredited)

    148 Undergraduate students
     78 Graduate students

    Graduate Degrees
    9 Ph.D. awarded in 2015
    4 M.S. awarded in 2015

    17 Full-time
    14 Additional in Graduate Program
     3 Adjuncts

    Department Head
    Dr. S. Pamir Alpay

    Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Dr. Rainer Hebert

    Director of Graduate Studies
    Dr. Bryan Huey