MSE Events

PhD Dissertation Defense: Austin McDannald
May 2, 2016
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Jorge Paz-Soldan Brings Materials Science and Engineering to Life
Why study materials science and engineering? According to senior Jorge Paz-Soldan, “Materials explain many aspects of nature and life; to me, it is the study of existence.”
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UTAS Announces UConn Center for Advanced Materials
With the launch of a new materials and process-engineering lab, United Tech Corp. Aerospace Systems (UTAS) has also made the spectacular reveal of a materials engineering Center of Excellence opening for collaboration with the University of Connecticut. Governor Dannel P. Malloy was present at the official announcement on Thursday, February 25, as he toured the new $8 million facilities with Provost Dr. Mun Choi and several other executives and engineers.
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Making Ends Meet at the Material Science Banquet
Recently, UConn’s Material Advantage Student Chapter held their annual Material Science Banquet at Hillel.
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Chief Materials Engineer and Manager Angie Cheung Challenges Boundaries
Those at UConn may recognize Angie Cheung from her position on the Materials Science and Engineering Industrial Advisory Board, a group of nine highly reputable industry partners working to strengthen the visibility of UConn’s MSE Department across all levels.
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Cain Hung’s MSE Analyses
Cain Hung is a first year graduate student pursuing his PhD. in materials science and engineering. Under advisor Dr. Rainer Hebert, he analyzes additively manufacture aluminum alloys and the microstructure of 3-D printed parts.
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Graduate Student Venkatesh Botu’s Inter-Department Innovation
Venkatesh Botu is a fifth year graduate student working in Dr. Ramprasad’s research group, which utilizes quantum mechanics to solve materials science problems.
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Quick Facts

    MSE Among Top 25 of Public Programs

    Degrees Offered
    B.S. (ABET accredited)

    148 Undergraduate students
     78 Graduate students

    Graduate Degrees
    9 Ph.D. awarded in 2015
    4 M.S. awarded in 2015

    17 Full-time
    14 Additional in Graduate Program
     3 Adjuncts

    Department Head
    Dr. S. Pamir Alpay

    Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Dr. Rainer Hebert

    Director of Graduate Studies
    Dr. Bryan Huey