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MSE Events

Material Advantage Banquet Fundraiser
Apr 17, 2015
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MSE Seminar by Dr. Chang-Yong Nam
Apr 17, 2015
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MSE Seminar by Dr. Amit Misra
Apr 24, 2015
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MSE Professor Emeritus Maurice Gell and Eric H. Jordan Receive STTR Award with HiFunda/UConn

HiFunda/UConn has been recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) to receive a STTR Phase IIA award for the development and commercialization of Solution Precursor Plasma Spray (SPPS) yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) thermal barrier coatings (TBCs).

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Dr. Avinash Dongare Awarded 2015 TMS Young Leaders Professional Development Award

MSE Assistant Professor Dr. Avinash M. Dongare has been named a 2015 recipient of the Young Leaders Professional Development Award from the Structural Materials Division (SMD) of The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS).

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3D Printing Club Wows Judges at 2015 Brandeis Printathon

The 3D Printing Club, 3DPC, won first place at Printathon 2015, a 24-hour 3D printing competition hosted at Brandeis University on March 6-7.

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MSE Undergraduate Labs Receive X-Ray Diffraction System

MSE has recently acquired a like-new Bruker D8 Advance X-Ray Diffraction System.

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Undergraduate Spotlight: Brenden Mil-Homens

In this inspiring interview, undergraduate Brenden Mil-Homens shares his accomplishments as a MSE student and his hopes for the future.

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Beauty in the Small and Unintended

Researchers have so many ways of probing the unseen. Sound waves whisper of hidden voids, magnetic fields trace fluids flowing through the body. The shape of a crystal reveals the symmetry of its atomic structure, and early cellular biologists derived the existence of organelles from their observations of cell behavior. But there’s nothing quite like seeing, and that’s what makes a microscope so magical.

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Quick Facts

    MSE Among Top 25 of Public Programs

    Degrees Offered
    B.S. (ABET accredited)

    146 Undergraduate students
     76 Graduate students

    Graduate Degrees
    18 Ph.D. awarded in 2014
      7 M.S. awarded in 2014

    17 Full-time
    14 Additional in Graduate Program
     3 Adjuncts

    Department Head
    Dr. S. Pamir Alpay

    Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Dr. Rainer Hebert

    Director of Graduate Studies
    Dr. Bryan Huey