Additive Manufacturing and Materials Processing

After years of offshoring manufacturing to foreign countries much buzz surrounds the resurgence of manufacturing in the US. The resurgence is fueled in part by major government-funded new manufacturing centers. Additive manufacturing spearheads the renewed interest in manufacturing research at US universities. Along with our industry partner Pratt & Whitney we focus on powder bed metal additive manufacturing. The individual faculty interests intersect at the crossroads of fundamental materials science research to support additive manufacturing processing and materials development. MSE faculty furthermore engage in research on the sustainable and scalable processing and manufacturing science and engineering of nanoscale materials based energy devices and systems. An exemplified example is the nanostructure array based catalytic converters for cost-effective and energy efficient emission control for automobiles and power plants.  


Faculty Email Research Interests
Mark Aindow
Professor and Associate Director of the Institute of Materials Science
Email30x30 Defects and Interfaces, Microstructural Development in Alloys and Thin Films & Electron Microscopy
S. Pamir Alpay
Professor and Department Head
Email30x30 Multiscale Modeling of Materials, Ferroic and Multiferroic Materials, Tunable Dielectrics for Microwave Devices, Electrothermal Properties, Materials in Electrical Contacts
Harold D. Brody
Distinguished Professor
Email30x30 Materials Processing, Alloy Casting and Solidification & Process Models
Avinash M. Dongare
Assistant Professor
Email30x30 Computational Materials Science, Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces, Thin Film Growth, Mechanics of Materials, Corrosion, Nuclear Materials, Multi-Scale Modeling
Pu-Xian Gao
Associate Professor
Email30x30 Nanomaterials Synthesis, Characterization and Manipulation, Nanotechnology for Energy, Environmental and Biomedical Applications
Rainer Hebert
Associate Professor and Director of Additive Manufacturing Center
Email30x30 Phase Selection and Phase Transformations under rapid solidification conditions, Metallic Glasses, materials science aspects of Additive Manufacturing (Phase Formation, Stability, and Transformations during additive manufacturing and during post-processing)