Master of Engineering

The Master of Engineering (MENG) degree is a graduate degree merging the benefits of technical engineering courses with a few professional development classes. It is targeted for both already-practicing engineers, as well as those interested in expanding their skills before entering industry.
Students may take any appropriate courses upon agreement with MSE faculty advisors, but uniquely offered to MEng students are opportunities to take many classes remotely. The department is committed to offering 1-2 classes per term during late afternoon or evening hours as well, facilitating practical working schedules. This affords the utmost in educational quality, providing highly relevant skills for today’s engineering workforce, at the greatest convenience.
MEng students with a concentration in Materials Science and Engineering can earn the degree part time (often sponsored by their employer), or full time. All MEng-MSE students ultimately complete and defend a final project, typically connected to work projects for part-time students or research conducted for class credit by full time students.
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