Jacquelynn Garofano


Jacquelynn GarofanoJacquelynn Garofano 
Adjunct Professor 
Ph.D. University of Connecticut (2012)

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
97 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: IMS-111
Phone: (860) 486-462o


Research Interests

Dr. Garofano’s research includes advanced materials characterization of laser processed aerospace alloys and microstructural evolution of ceramic oxide nanocomposites. Her current research has focused on combinatorial high throughput experimentation, coupled with materials informatics approaches, for advanced materials development (including additive manufacturing) and corrosion mitigation.

 Awards & Honors

2015 Forty Under 40, Hartford Business Journal
2013 Forty Under 40, Connecticut Magazine
2013 Pratt & Whitney Leadership Awards Finalist, A320neo Mainshaft Bearing Team
2012 UTC Senior Vice Presidents AwardUTRC Measurement Science Group
2011 Collegian Innovation and Leadership, Women of Innovation, CT Technology Center
2010 Outstanding Graduate Student, MSE program
2009 Outstanding Woman Scholar, Academic Achievement Award

Recent Publications

X Wang, F Feng, MA Klecka, MD Mordasky, JK Garofano, T El-Wardany, A Nardi, VK Champagne, “Characterization and Modeling of the Bonding Process in Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing” Additive Manufacturing 8 (2015) 149-162. 

A Iyer, JKM Garofano, J Reutenaur, SL Suib, M Aindow, M Gell, EH Jordan, “A Sucrose Mediated Sol-Gel Technique for the Synthesis of MgO-Y2O3” J American Ceramic Society 96 (2013) 346 – 350. 

CH Chen, JKM Garofano, CK Muoto, AL Mercado, SL Suib, M Aindow, M Gell, EH Jordan, “A Foaming Esterification Sol-Gel Route for the Synthesis of Yttria-Magnesia Nanocomposites” J American Ceramic Society 94 (2011) 367 – 371. 

JKM Garofano, HL Marcus, M Aindow, “Extraction Replication Studies of Near-Surface Microstructures in Laser-Drilled Samples of the Powder Metallurgy Ni-Based Superalloy IN100” Materials Characterization 61 929 – 936 (2010). 

JKM Garofano, HL Marcus, M Aindow, “Characterization of microstructural effects in a percussion laser-drilled powder metallurgy Ni-based superalloy” J Materials Science 44 680 – 684 (2009). 

JKM Garofano, HL Marcus, M Aindow, “Nanoscale carbide precipitation in the recast layer of a percussion laser-drilled superalloy” Scripta Materialia 61 943 – 946 (2009).