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Mark Aindow

Mark Aindow
Professor and Associate Director of the Institute of Materials Science
Ph.D., University of Liverpool (1989), England

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
97 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: IMS-122
Phone: (860) 486-2644
Email: Web:


 Research Interests

  • Conductive oxide coatings for metallic SOFC interconnects
  • Novel alloys for electrical contact applications
  • Microstructural stability in nanocomposite ceramic materials
  • Development of ultra-high strength aluminum alloys
  • Microstructural development in heteroepitaxial thin films
  • Application of lasers to materials processing
  • Catalytic nanomaterials

Recent Publications

Effect of Heat-Treatment on Phase Stability and Grain Coarsening in a Powder-Processed Al-Ni-Co-Zr-Y Alloy, MA Gordillo, B Bedard, TJ Watson and M Aindow, J Mater Sci. 49: 5866-5877  (2014).

Phase Stability in a Powder-Processed Al-Mn-Ce Alloy, MA Gordillo, I Cernatescu, TT Aindow, TJ Watson, M Aindow, J Mater Sci 49: 3742-3754 (2014).

The Effect of Mn1.5Co1.5O4 Coatings on the Development of Near Surface Microstructure for Haynes 230 Oxidized at 800˚C in Air, NJ Magdefrau, L Chen, EY Sun, M Aindow, Surf Coat Technol 242: 109-117 (2014).

Substrate Control of Anisotropic Resistivity in Heteroepitaxial Nanostructured Arrays of Cryptomelane Manganese Oxide on Strontium Titanate, AE Espinal, YG Yan, LC Zhang, L Espinal, A Morey, BO Wells, M Aindow, SL Suib, Small 10: 66-72 (2014).

Effects of Alloy Heat Treatment on Oxidation Kinetics and Scale Morphology for Crofer 22 APU, NJ Magdefrau, L Chen, EY Sun and M Aindow, J Power Sources 241: 756–767 (2013).

Thermodynamic Control of Metal Loading and Composition of Carbon Aerogel Supported Pt-Cu Alloy Nanoparticles by Supercritical Deposition, SE Bozbag, U Unal, MA Kurykin, CJ Ayala, M Aindow, C Erkey, J Phys Chem C 117: 6777–6787 (2013).

Effect of Upset Forging on Microstructure and Tensile Properties in a Devitrified Al-Y-Ni-Co Alloy, MA Gordillo, LC Zhang, TJ Watson and M Aindow, J Mater Sci. 48: 3841-3851 (2013).

A Sucrose Mediated Sol-Gel Technique for the Synthesis of MgO-Y2O3 Nanocomposites, A Iyer, JKM Garofano, J Reutenaur, SL Suib, M Aindow, M Gell and EH Jordan, J Am Ceram Soc, 96: 346-350 (2013).

Formation of Spinel Reaction Layers in Manganese Cobaltite – Coated Crofer 22 APU for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects, NJ Magdefrau, L Chen, EY Sun, J Yamanis and M Aindow, J Power Sources 227: 318-326 (2013).

Selective Hydrogenation of CO2 and CO to Useful Light Olefins over Octahedral Molecular Sieve Manganese Oxide Supported Iron Catalysts, B Hu, S Frueh, HF Garces, LC Zhang, M Aindow, C Brooks, E Kreidler and SL Suib, Applied Catalysis B 132-133: 54-61 (2013).


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