Radenka Maric

Maric_profile_wRadenka Maric
Vice President for Research, CT Clean Energy Fund Professor of Sustainable Energy
Ph.D., University of Kyoto, Japan

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
97 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: UTEB 266
Phone: (860) 486-1450
Email: maric@engr.uconn.edu


Research Interests

  • Fuel cell and batteries
  • Hydrogen generation
  • Nanomaterials and thin film coating
  • Ceramic processing
  • Gasification and biofuels

Awards & Honors

2013 & 2014 Women of Innovation,  Finalist in category of Research and Leadership, Connecticut Technology Council
2012 Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of Science, Fall
2012 Japan  Organization for Promotion of Science, Fellowship
2012 Elected Member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering
2009 Innovation Award, National Research Council of Canada
2006, 2007, 2008 Leadership Award, National Research Council of Canada
2003 National Academy of Engineering 9th Annual Frontiers of Engineering symposium
1996 The Best Young Woman Scientist Award, Japan
1995 Outstanding Young Scientist, Sankai Shinbun Award, Japan
1994 Best Faculty Paper Award, Kyoto University, Japan

Recent Publications

Ayers., K.E., Renner, J.N., Danilovic, N., Wang, J.X., Zhang, Y., Maric, R., Yu, H., Pathways to ultra-low platinum group metal catalyst loading in proton exchange membrane electrolyzers, Catalysis Today, 261, 121-132 (2016).

Roller, J. M.,Maric, R., A Study on Reactive Spray Deposition Technology Processing Parameters in the Context of Pt Nanoparticle Formation, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 24(8), 1529-1541 (2015).

Myles, T. D., Kim, S., Mustain, W., & Maric, R., Application of a Coated Film Catalyst Layer Model to a High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell with Low Catalyst Loading Produced by Reactive Spray Deposition Technology, Catalysts, 5, 1673-1691 (2015).

Kim, S., Myles, T. D., Kunz, H. R., Kwak, D., Wang, Y., & Maric, R., The Effect of Binder Content on the Performance of a High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Produced with Reactive Spray Deposition Technology, Electrochimica Acta, 177, 190-200 (2015).

Jain, R., Poyraz, A. S., Gamliel, D. P., Valla, J., Suib, S. L., Maric, R., Comparative study for low temperature water gas shift reaction on Pt/ceria catalysts: Role of different ceria supports, Applied Catalysis A: General, 507, 1-13 (2015).

Myles, T., Kim, S., Maric, R., Performance of a High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell with Low Catalyst Loading Produced by Reactive Spray Deposition Technology, ECS Transactions, 66 (24), 11-17 (2015).

Zhao, S., Yu, H., Maric, R., Danilovic, N., Capuano, C.B., Ayers, K.E., Mustain, W.E., Calculating the electrochemically active surface area of Iridium oxide in operating proton exchange membrane electrolyzers, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 162 (12), F1292-F1298 (2015).

Yu, H., Roller, J.M., Mustain, W.E., Maric, R., Influence of ionomer/carbon ratio for low-Pt loading catalyst layer prepared by flame-based reactive spray deposition technology, Journal of Power Sources, 283, 84-94 (2015).

Roller, J. M., Yu, H., Vukmirovic, M., Bliznakov, S., Kotula, P. G., Carter, C. B., Adzic, R., & Maric, R., Flame-based synthesis of core-shell structures using Pd-Ru and Pd cores, Electrochimica Acta, 138, 341-352 (2014).

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