Theodoulos Z. Kattamis

Theodoulos Z. Kattamis
Professor ScD., MIT (1965)

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
97 North Eagleville Road,
Unit 3136 Storrs,
CT 06269-3136
Office: IMS-310
Phone: (860) 486-4718

Current Research

  • Metals casting and solidification
  • Materials processing
  • Materials joining
  • Composite materials
  • Structure-property relationships
  • Coatings and tribology

Professional Activities

Visiting Professor: National Institute of Standards and Technology (1983), M.I.T (1992-1993) Visiting Professor: Centre des Materiaux de l’Ecole des Mines de Paris, 1977 Visiting Professor: The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1995 Consultant for Industry and Government Agencies

Former Research Group Members



Previous Positions

1970-75 Associate Professor, Department of Metallurgy, UConn
1969-70 Assistant Professor, Department of Metallurgy, UConn
1965-69 Research Associate, MIT
1960-62 Lecturer in Applied Geology, University of Liege, Belgium

Teaching Interests

Dr. Kattamis’s teaching interests include the following: processing of materials through the liquid and vapor phase; melting, casting and solidification of metal alloys and metal matrix composites; vapor deposition of metallic, intermetallic and ceramic coatings on various substrates; processing of composites through vapor deposition; materials joining in the presence of a liquid or in the solid state; relationships between cast or vapor deposited microstructure and mechanical properties; cohesion, adhesion to the substrate and tribological properties of hard coatings.

Awards & Honors

1987 Travel Grant of the Chinese Government
1980 Certificate of recognition from NASA for an innovation in metals casting
1977 Fellowship of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1967 Premier Prix, Alumni Association of Liege University

Recent Publications

A. J. Perry, J. R. Treglio, D. G. Bhat, S. P. Boppana, T. Z. Kattamis, K. Schlichting and G. Dearnaley, “Effect of Ion Implantation on the Residual Stress, Tribological and Machining Behavior of Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool Inserts Coated with TiN by CVD and PVD Methods”, in “Advanced Ceramic Tools for Machining Application – III”, I. M. Low, ed., Trans Tech Publications, Zurich, Switzerland, p. 177. A. Sundarrajan, A. Mortensen, T. Z. Kattamis and M. C. Flemings, “Kinetic Undercooling in Solidification of a Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy; Effect of Solidifying within a Ceramic Preform Composite”, Acta Mater., Vol. 46 (1), 1998, p. 91. M. Chen and T. Z. Kattamis, “Dendrite Coarsening During Directional Solidification of Al-Cu-Mn Alloys”, Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 247/1-2, 1998, p. 239-247. S-Y. Chang, J-H. Lin, S-J. Lin and T. Z. Kattamis, “Processing Copper and Silver Matrix Composites by Electroless Plating and Hot Pressing”, Met. Mater. Trans. A, Vol. 30 A, 1999, pp. 1119-1136. T. Z. Kattamis, S. Skolianos, C. Fountzoulas and A. I. Nakhla, “Mechanical Behavior of Amorphous Silicon-Containing Diamond-Like Carbon (Si-DLC) Coatings on Steel in the As-Deposited and Annealed Conditions, Proceedings of the First International Conference on “The Coatings in Manufacturing Engineering”, Thessaloniki, Greece, October 14-15, 1999, K. D. Bouzakis, H. K. Toenshoff and M. Geiger, eds., pp. 249-259. T. Z. Kattamis, S. Skolianos and C. Fountzoulas, “Effect of Annealing on Cohesion, Adhesion and Tribological Behavior of Amorphous Si-DLC Coatings on Steel”, J. Adhesion Sci.Tech., Vol. 14, No.6, 2000, p. 805. T. Z. Kattamis and P. W. Voorhees, “Coarsening of Solid-Liquid Mixtures: A Review”, Proceedings of the Merton C. Flemings Symposium on Solidification and Materials Processing”, TMS, Warrendale, PA, 2001, pp. 119-128. T. Koseki and T. Z. Kattamis, “Solidification of Highly Undercooled Melts”, Proceedings of the Merton C. Flemings Symposium on Solidification and Materials Processing”, TMS, Warrendale, PA, 2001, pp. 129-141. T. Z. Kattamis and C. Fountzoulas, “Effect of Annealing on Residual Stress, Strength, Adhesion and Wear Resistance of Thin, Hard Coatings on Low Alloy Steel”, in “Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films”, Vol. 1, K. L. Mittal, ed., VSP, 2001, pp. 181-193. greenarrowgreenarrowfull publication list